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Fuel your body with extremely important electrolytes

Fuel your body with extremely important electrolytes

Most of us sweat a lot during all kind of physical activities. Athletes on average sweat even more. Therefore it is strongly advised that they, as well as everyone else fuel up with electrolytes. This way your body can fully recover and prepare for new adventures.

I've neglected electrolytes for too long. Having one really active family with two very active children, electrolytes became my daily routine. Our Premium Powder Electrolytes are:

✅ without any other unnecessary additives,
✅ with a minimal salt flavour,
✅ with your favorite juice, they are also very tasty and nutritious.

Premium Powder Electrolytes contain a concentrated mixture of the most important electrolytes:
↪️ Sodium citrate,
↪️ magnesium citrate,
↪️ potassium citrate,
↪️ calcium lactate levels.

Napitek z elektroliti

Fuel your body with extremely important electrolytes

Electrolyte-rich homemade beverage:

- 1/4 teaspoon Premium Powder Electrolytes
- 1 tablespoon honey (or other natural sweetener - maple syrup)
- 3 oz. of water.

You can additionally add a variety of fruit mixtures that suit your taste.

Best combinations:

- cranberry and pomegranate,
- lemon and lime,
- lemon and orange,
- strawberries and coconut water.

Are you afraid of sugar? Choose among our sugar free AXXO Life Vitamin Drinks.


Mix water with Premium Powder Electrolytes and honey. Add your favourite natural juice or smoothie and stir until it dissolves completely. For better digestion it is recommended not to drink or eat for at least 20 minutes. 

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