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Which collagen is the best?

Which collagen is the best?

"Which collagen is the best?" is the most common question for which everybody wants to get a clear answer. 100% natural, 100% pure, the only one that doctors and pharmaceuticals recommend. Which one is the right one for YOU?

Which collagen is the best when there are so many to choose among on the world market? You've probably noticed that collagen became one of the most popular dietary supplements in the last couple of years. Some producers that already had it on the market beforehand, started using all kind of statements in order to make their product seem the best or more efficient than others.

Types of label claims for dietary supplements

Label claims on dietary supplements should be there to provide you with information about the product as far as ingredients and nutritional facts are concerned. They should also include additional claims about the product and certain health messages to comply with specific requirements.

Manufacturers, next to informing you, use them mainly for its competitiveness. There are many types of label claims:

  • sensory claims tell you about product "properties", but are often increasingly saturated and very in order to provide powerful marketing tool,
  • indications about product ingredients and nutrition facts,
  • comparative claims / statements.

All the statements should be written according to the law, credible, open and fair. They should also be backed up with documentation, where most often companies get stuck.

Which collagen is the best

''The only collagen recommended by doctors and pharmaceuticals"

Let's be honest, put all cards on the table and open up the topic. Some doctors recommend certain products as pharmaceutical giants are paying them. Some. Let's not put them all in the same bucket. There are also the ones truelly telling you about positive effects.

Furthermore, some scientific articles are being sponsored by pharmaceutical giants, what we already mentioned, so that the articles help sell their products. Same goes with collagen. It's been prohibited by law for some time for doctors to promote or even sell dietary supplements, yet we still see it happening.

Even though, it has not been clear or proven yet how many health professionals are involved in this kind of practice, the Nutrition Business Journal published a study on this subject in March 2010. In this study, they found that out of the 600 physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists and other physicians, 76% of them earn their additional income through direct sale of dietary supplement. That is an alarming percentage.

Industry analysts predict that healthcare professionals will be among the fastest growing sales channels for dietary supplements.

''The only certified collagen product''

Regulations in the field of dietary supplements are relatively loose. It is very similar as in cosmetics industry where there are at least 10 different certificates for natural cosmetics that demand different requirements. All companies should observe certificates and standards, such as good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good pharmacovigilance practice. All other additional certificates for dietary supplements can be obtained from various institutions, where the raw (imput) materials and efficiency are tested. However, these tests are performed by almost all manufacturers of dietary supplements and therefore do not necessarily need to be certified.

Next time you buy any kind of dietary supplement, check to see if a certificate like GMP is there for a reason or just for market purpose.

''The only 100 % pure collagen''

Each starting compound must be proven to be 100% pure and free of any impurities that could pose a potential health hazard. The only 100% pure collagen also refers to the final formulation of the dietary supplement. Many manufacturers decide for 100% collagen product with no other additives. Others add supplements like vitamins that can further improve the absorption of collagen, support its functioning and thus improve its effects.

''Best collagen on the world's market"

This argument is indirectly comparative. Such types of claims on food supplements are in principle prohibited (and should be), but no one really chases the “Wanna be Nr. 1’s”. There are numerous collagen supplements on the world market, some good ones, some average ones, some containing hardly any collagen and some that should not carry that name at all. At the end of the day, it is important what your needs and goals are, what your body can consume and what you are able to intake with no health problems. Just be aware of false statements and don't hesitate to ask a direct question tho the seller who should answer you in shortest time possible.

Last, but not least, not all collagen products have the same effect on your body. Observe your body and take care of it. If you won’t, no one else will.

All of the above claims and many others are used on collagen supplements in order to show other competing products in a bad light. Such claims could also be used for Collagen shot by Gaia Naturelle, as the raw materials are 100% pure, the food supplement is manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and has proven effectiveness. In line with the positive responses to the product, it could also be described as the best on the market. But let the Collagen shot speak for itself.

We chose it because we found it to be the best one on the market. Why? Read about it’s benefits here.


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