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Food supplements

Food supplements

Dietary supplements can be beneficial to your health if taken with precaution.

I used to oppose taking any dietary supplement until sport active life and pregnancy took all the essential nutrients out of my body. That was my turning point. I did not start using dietary supplements to replace healthy and balanced diet. I did it to cover nutrirional deficiencies for my health reasons. Dietary supplements can be used to fill in the bad nutriotion gap. Yet use them with precaution because of the risk of side effects.

Why Dietary Supplements?

Dietary supplements can play a vital role when you live one healthy life and consume supplements with some "distance". You may want to take different kind of dietary supplements because you want to:

  • Maintain your general health.
  • Keep your body younger for longer (adding collagen to your daily routine will eliminate cellulite and even stretch marks, heal your gut, recover your wrinkles, add moisture to your skin, help you lose weight, strengthen your nails, help your joints etc.).
  • Support mental and sports-related performance (Omega 3, electrolytes, magnesium, BCAA, whey proteins etc.).
  • Provide immune system support (Collagen Shot, Liposomal C, Liposomal D, Shot Ca etc.).
  • Increase bone and teeth strength (Liposomal D, Shot Ca)

Dietary supplements. MAINTAIN health, FEEL good & FALL in LOVE with taking care of YOURSELF.

A dietary supplement is not a replacement for a varied or healthy lifestyle.


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