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Natural cosmetics

Going back to the nature with top performing natural cosmetics.

My grandmother used to provide our family with natural cosmetics. As a nurse, she  was the first one, trying to convince me that all synthetic formulas will not work for us. Ever. While our generation entered synthetic »era«, we finally reached the point where changes started to happen.Natural cosmetics again became the one and only good thing to use.

Why Natural Cosmetics?

Only when deeply searching the market, you notice how many beauty products include astonishing amounts of chemicals that can be linked to cancer. Check your deodorant and I can almost guarantee you that it contains aluminum salts or so called aluminum chlorohydrate. The salts dissolve on your skin and closes your pores in order for us not to sweat. We know that aluminum in antiperspirants and other skin care products is linked to breast cancers, yet it affects our kidneys as well. Natural deodorants in this case will keep you fresh and safe.

Natural cosmetics. WORKS better, FEELS better, IS better. For YOU.


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