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SHAC stick deodorant

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SHAC stick deodorant
SHAC stick deodorant. Lemon grass and teatree aromaSHAC stick deodorant. 100% natural deodorant.SHAC stick deodorant. Aluminum-free deodorant.SHAC stick deodorant. Vegan product.SHAC stick deodorant. 24-hour protection.

Most popular among chosen deododrants is SHAC stick deodorant. Suitable for everyone experiencing heavy perspiration, the cream will protect you for 24 hours or even more.

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Lemongrass and tea tree - what an amazing way of seduction, would you agree? We are proud to present this incredible and completely natural SHAC stick deodorant that will protect you from heavy perspiration. For the whole 24 hours from first applying it! And in the Old Slovene language the word SHAC actually means “treasure”, how great is that? 

SHAC stick deodorant's best features are:

  • inhibiting unpleasant body odour;
  • being dermatologically tested and proven to be good for your skin;
  • it is handmade in Slovenia;
  • being vegan friendly;
  • it will enchant you with it's coconut aroma;
  • its coconut oil will is an amazing skin moisturizer ;
  • ecological certification;
  • there are no synthetic perfumes in the product and the nice scent only comes rom tea tree and lemongrass essential oils;
  • its lovely package is made out of biodegradable ingredients that have received the OK! Industrial certificate, also made in Slovenia.

Nelipot SHAC stick deodorant is mixed each and every one of them by hand, which makes it even more perfect.

What does it mean that the materials are biodegradeble ?

It means that we used PLA (polylactic acid) plant-based plastics that are made out of sugar cane or corn and natural oils, so that we were abe to create our stick. The plastic is completely biodegradable (decays into water and carbon dioxide).

Why biodegradable packaging instead of paper ones?

In long-term use the paper will get wet, therefore microorganisms will develop more rapidly. We also wish to make it refillable in the future, which is why choosing biodegradable plastics is the best possible choice. We highly seek to protect nature by decreasing the carbon footprint and decrease the amount of wasted packaging.

Where can I dispose of the stick once finishing it?

Want to know something great? When you send 10 empty SHAC stick deodorants to our address, we will send you a new stick as a way of expressing gratitude for buying our product and thinking of the environment when purchasing. But if you decide to throw away the stick once it is empty, please be sure to throw it into a container for mixed waste. Since it is made out of plant-based materials, you must not dispose of it as plastics. For further details, contact us at!

INCI ingredients


* Ingredients of natural origin (100.0%).
** Ingredients from organic farming sources.
*** Components of natural essential oils.

How to use

For optimal use and enjoyment open the SHAC stick deodorant and twist it in the direction of rotation (you actually can't rotated it in the other direction) and have just about a millimeter of it come out. Place the stick onto your armpit skin and use it for about 10 seconds, so that the content softens and apply it to a wider area, so that you prevent the growth of bacteria which make unpleasant body odour appear in the first place. If you have done it the correct way, completely forget about any kind of unpleasant odour. 


70 g

Shelf life

12 months

Level of protection


Suitable for

Suitable for vegans.
This product is dermatologically tested and very well tolerated by the skin.
Suitable for people that suffer from celiac disease.
There are no added fragrances in this deodorant.
It is a certified organic cosmetic product that consists of 100% natural ingredients and of no less than 30% of ecological ingredients.


Do not apply the product directly after shaving.

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